Vuçiqi ky Millosheviq i ri, po na lidh edhe me Rusi, cili është roli i Thaçit e i Ramës

Miku i Vuçiqit, dhe shoku i paepur i Thaçit, nxori fytyrën prej maskarai, dhe po u tregon jo vetëm shqiptarëve iluzionist se duhet ta harrojnë të kaluarën me Serbinë, dhe të vazhdojnë pajtimin, por edhe ndërkombëtarëve, të cilët e kanë mbështetur fuqishëm si kinse më të moderuarin serb.
Presidenti i Kosovës Hashim Thaçi nuk e dimë ende nëse ia ka uruar detyrën presidentit të sapo zgjedhur të Serbisë, Aleksander Vuçiqit, dhe çfarë mesazhi i ka përcjellur.

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  51. I’m a little bit stupid–just really read your italicized questions now. (I admit, I hardly ever read anyone’s questions. I rush too much.) Nicole, I had no idea that you had lost a child so recently. 🙁 I’m so, so sorry. Sending hugs and prayers that you and you family are healed and abundantly blessed. XO

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  63. The first Monday after I found out about this fiasco, I called Sam Brownback’s office and the principle of the High School. I expressed my displeasure with how this whole thing was handled. I also asked who was paying the salary of the ‘thought police’ that the governor had spying on us.

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  70. Kelly – Followed a link on Pinterest to your site and LOVED this birth story. I didn’t photograph my son’s bith, but these pics totally took me back and brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful shots that this family will cherish for a lifetime. Just lovely. Agree that the final shot of the doctor walking down the hall was genious.

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