E tmerrshme: Italia goditet nga 3 tërmete të fuqishme brenda 1 ore, evakuohen shkollat

E tmerrshme: Italia goditet nga 3 tërmete të fuqishme brenda 1 ore, evakuohen shkollat

Tri tërmete e kanë goditur Italinë qendrore brenda vetëm një ore, me dridhjet që janë ndier në Romë.
Nuk është raportuar për viktima, transmeton Express. Tërmeti i parë ishte i fuqisë 5.3 ballesh në veri të Amatrice, rreth orës 10:25, sipas Entit Gjeologjik Amerikan. Tërmeti i dytë 5.7 ballesh e goditi po të njëjtën zonë pas vetëm 50 minutave, ndërsa tre minuta më vonë goditi një tërmet i tretë i masës 5.3 ballesh.

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  16. … Lie number two: “At every turn, America’s men and women in uniform have served with courage and resolve.”What bullshit. It's because our military kicked down doors in the middle of the night and terrorized the citizenry, that the Sunnis revolted and a civil war broke out. Yeah, that takes a lot of courage and resolve, to terrorize Iraqi families — women and children — at three o'clock in the morning.John Kerry, is that you?

  17. And what did he do with all those smarts? Did he start a business and produce jobs? Did he become a great leader at the state legislature? Did he produce any meaningful academic scholarship? Did he work in the high pressure and intellectually challenging world of corporate law? No, he chose to become a race hustler, then mediocre state senator. Now he’s going to be president. Oh boy!No, he went into politics, and is about to get elected President, as you point out. Sounds pretty smart to me.

  18. Alles gezien en gelezen hebbende is het me nog steeds niet duidelijk waarom een religie iets over het slachten van dieren zou moeten zeggen. Dát lijkt me de kernvraag. Waarom gaan moslims niet op die kernvraag in? Het enige wat van hen gevraagd wordt is een antwoord op de vraag waarom ze zich niet op het (eigen) verstand beroepen ipv op een religie. Heeft de god van de moslims zo weinig vertrouwen in zijn aanhangers dat ze op de aangegeven terreinen niet zelf mogen denken? Geloven de moslims dat werkelijk?

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  29. Funny how you guys don't think that about Wall Street. The difference though is that all these "well qualified chair sitters" are being paid on our dime.Warren was a government employee, now she's running for a government position. Her Harvard position is private sector, but it shows how little she works for a living.

  30. Concordo cn Directioner..x me harry nn è innamorato di lei E io nn mi ricordo dove ho visto anke il video ke hanno fatto delle fan li vicine e vi assicuro ke è stata lei a tirarlo verso di se….secondo me lui nn selo aspettava neanke….mi disp x le directioner ke amano harry!!!!!!!!bye bye ))

  31. :“I write this as I am finishing writing a script for my first film project in ten years not to be made in a classroom. I love teaching. But my passion is making movies. ”Sounds like my own world. Similar passions and places. Best of luck.BTW, what is the script about?

  32. Pierre Henri et La_Mer ne sont qu’une seule et même personne ! Tous les deux répondent à leur courrier par de longs messages-fleuves adressés à tous leurs correspondants, sans aucun rapport avec le sujet et en croyant que ce blog est consacré uniquement à leur immense personnalité !

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  40. Love this Jamy…. I have been in this situation very recently, actually still am. During prayer, God told me to do something. Over the next several days, I asked again and again. Asked for ‘prayer’ from others regarding this situation… but I think I was really seeking others opinions of what I thought God told me. it didn’t make sense…. WHY would he tell me to do this? BUT, with the counsel of some good mentors, even though I was questioning, I started taking the needed steps to do what He told me to do… Some of those things are panning out now, and it is such a peaceful feeling!

  41. I have seen lots of anti-global warming videos (either by or supporting leading authorities in this area (even people high up in greenpeace dont support human-caused global warming)) and if you go back millions of years we are actually a lot colder than the earth has been, the temperature tends to go Warm, then Ice Age, than warm then ice age (note these changes happen over many years). Al Gore is just trying to get votes by pretending to care.

  42. Touching the tip of your nose with your tongue absolutely qualifies as a talent, here at the No Apologies Talent Show. And I’m thrilled you brought it up, because that is one of my most special talents as well, and I’d forgotten all about it. Let me see if I can still do it. . . why yes, there we go!

  43. Guess in this age, i’m insane then..I am almost 19 and i still call.. I mean, Banker/politicians/heads of states and even lower classes (Can’t give secret Gov. info on Twitter now) still call, it’s mainly the youth that doesn’t use the call function anymore they’ll just Twitter it or post it on FB.

  44. Here’s how I read it:“The [Rebel] Alliance, led by Kaiser [Permanente] struck without warning.”Family Guy is my favorite show. Did I mention that? Did I mention that my humor level (and sometimes intelligence!) doesn’t much rise past a seventh grader’s?Much success to you, truly. I’m really happy you’re doing so well with your writing. Jealous, but happy — and that’s big for me because I’m usually just jealous!

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  49. Not sure I have an opinion on art quilts but I do love this picture….I see women in there! Look just above your name and slightly to the left, there is a red head. There is another just to the left of her. I see several throughout. Weird! In my head they are all working on "snuggle quilts". Lol

  50. today i was doing burpee box jumps at the gym and this lady walked by and said “girl, I would break my face doing that”. I wasn’t sure if I was looking like a bad ass or a crazy person. Let’s hope I don’t break my face. Never really thought it would happen until she said that and you mentioned the nose possibilities. haha.

  51. Oh shit, Babu was out there witchall! That's whassup! Glad to hear yall made it and the show was good… I'm diggin the footage too. Ya gotta love it when it ends on a good note. And yU's rockin the hell outta that hat aint he, I could never pull that off. That's fresh!

  52. , “We will never let you nor anyone else take away our right to hold jobs, live peacefully where we desire, obtain health care, and worship where we please.”Why would I want to do that? This is the kind of language and accusation that the gay community calls “jamming.” Always make your oponent out to be a homophobic oppressor. It makes me question your honesty, frankly, because I haven’t said anything to indiciate I want to do any of those things.

  53. First of all, I love that rug. I’ve been going back and forth about a rug for my living room and can’t really find anything I like that doesn’t cost a fortune. Maybe I should be cruising ebay for deals? (Or maybe that will get me in trouble.)Anyway, I love the bar cart idea, all glam and shiny! The best part is you are young enough for booze in the living room to look festive and “ready for a party at any moment!” instead of a sad lush on the way to being an alcoholic, so I say go for it. 😉

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  57. I don’t know anything about the show or the characters, but I love what Mike has to say about the actors and their eventual fall from grace and fame. That is why so many luminaries who everyone thought would be wealthy all of their lives are penniless and declaring bankruptcy. Fame is fleeting and so are it’s friends!

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  59. over/under for the dow today is set at +300,place your bets…I’ll take the under.I wouldn’t be surprised if it pops over 300 intraday, but it will back off before the day is over as investors both take profits and the exuberance of the bailout begins to wane and the gravity of the U.S. govt. having to bail out Fannie/Freddie to prevent a systemic collapse takes over.

  60. speaking of questionable strategies; picture this. I saw some guy carrying a new mop on the bus last night. A NEW MOP ON THE BUS HOME. What the hell was he thinking?The only person should should bring a mop onto the bus is the poor cunt paid to clean it, once the puke dashed N34 has pulled into the depot.I have to question his strategy.He looked like a right twat.

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  62. I may be wrong but I have also heard that this postponement is not entirely the doing of the SPA, I heard that a senior member of the maoist party who was incharge of the Kathmandu political wing died I hear of liver failure (apparently a heavy drinker), therefore the maoists also wanted a day to mourn the comrade.

  63. I have exactly the same problems. I used the Twitter route to air my furstration as its pretty public and visible to anybody who comes across the #EON tag. I posted on Twitter and within a day or two had a phone call and a payment to my account. 45 days is unnacceptable, keep complaining until they do something about it.Mike

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  68. In science there are often definitions that depend on how you want to use the information. If you ask what light is, a physicist will say, “That depends”–sometimes we think of it as stream of particles (photons) and sometimes we think of it as a wave (electromagnetic energy). My son, Josh, an optical engineer, has no precise definition of light although he manipulates it in myriad (as opposed to infinite) ways.

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  70. Didn't the great one sell himself as "hope and change"? We can see the hope and change brought upon America in the past 4years. My fear is that you are going to be 4 more years with the hope and change and Israel is going to pay the price

  71. How can Sega omit figure skating, the most-watched Olympic event, and then hype this game as “the official video game of the Olympic Winter Games”? Pathetic. When will someone create a really good figure skating game? Just because the sport doesn’t generally appeal to teenage boys doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for it among gamers.

  72. That's all fine — I honestly couldn't care less about the relative statistics. Israeli settlers on public land can stay. Israeli settlers on private land should be be evicted. If Israel wants to keep the land in perpetuity, it needs to give all residents therein equal democratic rights. If it doesn't want to do that, then another state has to be created.

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