Rusia dhe Perëndimi përleshen për Sirinë

Rusia dhe Perëndimi përleshen për Sirinë

Rusia dhe Perëndimi janë përleshur për konfliktin në Siri, më konkretisht për sulmin e fundit kimik në provincën veriore të Sirisë, Idlib.
Rusia vazhdimisht ka pohuar se sulmi u krye nga armët e rebelëve në atë vend, por zyrtarë të Perëndimit e kanë hedhur poshtë pohimin e Moskës, transmeton Express.

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  53. “Books are not babies” is one of the mantras they always repeat at the writers’ conference I attend each year. Since I’m on to my second novel, I feel that I’ve successfully made it past the “let it go” phase. Would it be nicer if the “let it go” had been letting it go into publishing? Yes. Absolutely. But I think getting older has helped me realize that every experience, even the imperfect ones–well, especially the imperfect ones–is a learning tool. I feel confident that my second novel will be much better than my first. And imperfect. And that’s really OK.

  54. A thoughtful and well written post Gus, thank you. I don’t disagree with anything you shared. I hope some good can come out such a tragedy. What more will it take? I don’t always see eye to eye with our President, but I thought his speech tonight was poignant. Something has to change. I quoted you and included a link to your blog and this post today. Just wanted to say thanks for your blog and support.

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