Tensionohet situata: Erdogan i shkruan SMS Nikoliqit dhe Vuçiqit për Kosovën

Presidenti i Turqisë, Rexhep Tayp Erdogan, sa herë që pyetet rreth çështjes së Ballkanit, ai tregon një mbështetje të fortë për shqiptarët.

Në një takim me gzetarët turq, thuhet se Erdogan kur është pyetur për tensionet Kosovë – Serbi, ka thënë se nëse Serbia e sulmon Kosovën, është në luftë edhe me Turqinë.

MOS E HUMB!! Kliko linkun e meposhtem per me teper

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  1. lol! You are a smart, strong person. Hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two about negotiation — let them fill the gaps in the conversation, don’t agree to positive statements that are just spin, make it clear when you’re disappointed, demand better… you can do it!

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  16. I say, Amen! I don’t quite understand the freaking out over one person being in office. I know it’s important, although I really voted for McCain only because of his power to appoint judges. But the direction of our country is much bigger than that … it rests on our precarious shoulders and (thank goodness!) ultimately in the realm of God’s perfect plan.Natalie

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  18. Greetings from Hockey Town Detroit Michigan. The Detroit Red Wings lead the Stanley Cup Series 3-2 over Pittsburg. Hopefully by the time you read this Jim and I will be drinking from the Stanley Cup. I have been reading your blog since Rachel’s graduation party. WOW what an adventure. Take care Laura

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  20. Yes, thank you, Julie, I totally forgot I was supposed to be making quilts, lol! The Christmas party was so much fun again this year, and Sally was definitely the hostess with the MOSTEST! The food was seriously fabulous, and it wasn’t even vegan–haha! Thanks for a fun blog, Barb–no matter what the topic, I always love them!

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