Njerku rreh vogëlushin për vdekje, e tmerrshme si u shfajësua në polici

Njerku rreh vogëlushin për vdekje, e tmerrshme si u shfajësua në polici

Troy Reed vrau me gjakftohtësi foshnjën e të dashurës së tij dhe më pas me cinizmin më të madh i telefonoi policisë.
Madison Parker vetëm 16 muajsh kishte pësuar fraktura të tmerrshme në kafkë dhe kishte më shumë se 50 të nxira në trup.
Disa momente pas vrasjes Reed i telefonoi policisë duke deklaruar se foshnja ishte duke u kthyer në ngjyrë blu.

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  7. Gator [95];NJM contractor was from Florida and just went on and on about how they don’t have so many “tall houses” where she lives.Tall houses make a difference? Don’t trees fall down, not side to side? I guess the hurricane-induced Florida lumber needs to lay off the high fastball. LOL

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  21. Chris — I don’t think this was a “bump”, as the wall looked completely straight in person. You may be right about it just being a different texture, or drying too fast. If I recall correctly, there were 2 other spots on the front of the house that were similar, which lead me to believe it had been patched.I’ll trust your judgment though.

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  25. Thank you for the giveaway! The House on Prospect sounds like an emotional read. I’ve read a couple of books recently that made me tear up – Wildflower Hill by Kimberley Freeman and The Reason is You by Sharla Lovelace. Both were so, so good!

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  34. Brian, thank you for your note. The most home runs hit in the 60′s was Harmon Killebrew. Mudcat Grant was the first black 20 game winner in the AL. As far as higest batting average is concerned, it would be Glenn Williams I believe if you are talking strictly with the Twins.

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  37. It’s true, I guess. Combined with the utter arrogance and cluelessness of a man who thinks his experience as a corporate raider qualifies him as a statesman, the most outrageous crap continues to come out of Romney’s mouth. I believe we’ll see just how ill prepared Romney is to be President during the upcoming debates. His practicing and rehearsing his sound bites will not hold up to a man who has been in the trenches for 4 years, governing at a one of the most difficult times in our history.

  38. Got your tweet – thanks for popping by. I like the quote from Joseph Campbell. The first sentence sounds a bit rude without the rest but my mind is in a strange place – alcohol related. You’re right, if you criticize, nothing gets written. Criticize when editing. But by that time, you’re all done and it needs paring down and changing.

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  43. Wow! What an inspirational story! As a Mom to a child who was born premature and with several issues, I understand how you are feeling at this moment in your life. I remember when my little one finally got to come home God has a purpose for my child. God Bless you and Carter![]

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  49. Queno, I agree totally. Certain of “anon for this”‘s recommendations are perfectly reasonable, but they are swamped by those that gave rise to that phrase that I totally, totally despise– “sweet spirit.” I wouldn’t mind so much if this didn’t affect actual decent women’s lives. Think. You know them.

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  52. I have always assumed the man who wants to marry me knows what I like and would buy accordingly. That’s what happened the first time I married and though we were very young, he had the sense to ask and listen. His interest was me having what I wanted and he had the same expectations for his own ring. I just don’t like the idea of a woman being considered terrible/shallow/selfish just because she wants whatever she wants. BTW, Candace, the facsimile comment made me giggle and shake my angry fists for you at the same time.

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  60. Olá Ico,Gostei muito de sua análise sobre o Rubinho e no final da leitura me veio à mente a imagem do Roberto Pupo Moreno. Seria possível traçarmos um paralelo entre as carreiras desses dois pilotos brasileiros?Lembrando que na Champ Car o Moreno chegou a disputar o título até a última etapa, título que acabou indo parar nas mãos do Gil de Ferran.Abraços,Guilherme Rosa

  61. I totally agree with u, although sometimes I do fall into that stereotypical person who may admire a person’s style, but may never verbally express it. It’s not necessarily because I’m ‘hating’ but sometimes, I feel like its okay to admire from afar. But I don’t ever feel as though I’m coming from a negative place with it. But I think we would be so much better as ppl if we would reach out more to others, admire others more, love each other more. Good read Sepia

  62. have read that article, Auntie Madder. But, when I researched Corsi's record, I found that article doesn't exactly mesh with his bibliography.I don't know what to make of the contradiction that is Jerome Corsi. I only know that I am skeptical. However, that doesn't mean I don't respect other people's decisions to trust him.

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  71. , first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win. Its funny that Elizabeth says she teaches love, and yet felt the need to come and attack Ross because of a statement he made on his own blog! Ross doesn’t believe that elizabeth is a qualified teacher, does that really prompt such a hateful response?

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