Mos i anashkaloni: Këto janë pesë shenjat paralajmëruese të goditjes në tru

Mos i anashkaloni: Këto janë pesë shenjat paralajmëruese të goditjes në tru

Goditjet në tru ndodhin kur një zonë e trurit privohet nga rrjedhja e gjakut dhe oksigjenit.
Qelizat në atë zonë të trurit fillojnë të vdesin.

Goditjet varen nga shkalla e ashpërsisë që ndodhin, nga mpirje të përkohshme deri në paraliza të ndryshme, të gjitha rastet duhen trajtuar me emergjencë.
Kliko ne linkun e meposhtem per me teper

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  1. Very pretty! Love the color of blue that you picked. Really like how you added the rustic look by sanding some of the paint off so the metal and glass show through. I have been saving cans to for crafts. Think I will just have to give this a try. Thank you for sharing.

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  25. Stunning mood setters, your pictures are, especially for me here in the Southern States where it's thirty and sun shining. Found your blog through Michael Malone's and now I see more books I need to pick up. Merry Christmas! I loved the second pic best.

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  70. Snyggt! Älskar skjortan! Molly lät mest sÃ¥där konstigt när hon var valp men nu är det mkt bättre – men blev verkligen jätterädd härom natten, trodde hon skulle stryka med :p Tänkte frÃ¥gat veterinären om det första gÃ¥ngen jag vaccinerade henne men veterinären kunde nästan bara danska sÃ¥ jag gav upp ^^

  71. — a lot of what he enjoyed about the movie was not in the books at all. He really liked Donald Sutherland and his conversations with Seneca Crane about why the games exist. He really liked the gaudiness of the Capitol scenes, which of course come across a lot more vividly in the movie (oh my god, the costumes, I love all of them). Also, in the movie they make the Careers seem almost like a high school clique of popular kids, and he found that hilarious. Edited at 2012-04-01 06:38 am (UTC)

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