Akademiku francez: Shqiptarët, një prej kombeve më të vjetra të botës

Shqiptarët, një prej kombeve më të vjetër të botës. Në këtë përfundim ka dalë akademiku i njohur francez Maurice Druon, duke studiuar etimologjinë e fjalës Cranaens, emri i parë i Pellazgëve Athinas, transmeton INA.
Druon ishte nipi i shkrimtarit të madh Joseph Kessel. Ai filloi të shkruante për revista letrare në moshën 18 vjeçare. Mori pjesë në ushtrinë franceze gjatë luftës së dytë Botërore. Në vitin 1948
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  3. P. Assouline a résumé d’une phrase la substance de ce roman : « une grande famille de l’aristocratie anglaise, toute préoccupée du destin de ses enfants : celle que l’on s’apprête à marier, celui qui se prépare à être digne de son héritage, la petite rebelle qui fraie du côté des suffragettes, le dernier qui est déjà endetté comme une mule ». En gros, les soucis de l’héritière des vignobles Rothschild chez Mireille Dumas. Palpitant !

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  17. it’s an example of violence. This is how suppression of freedom of speech begins: you prevent opposing viewpoints from being expressed. These Ivory Tower hypocrites (students and faculty) don’t realize they are already sliding down that slippery slope.

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  19. Thanks for the kind words. I agree with you that it takes quite awhile to develop ones photographic eye and a body of work. Its one of the great things about an artistic outlet, continual improvement and evolving tastes make it so what we like now, may not be what we like tomorrow.

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  33. Nick.Your thoughts are very rcmeniseint of stuff I’ve seen David Jakes talk about and learning spaces. That, coupled with an article I read earlier today saying our HS students are bored, usually on a daily basis, will keep your students engaged. Such a great idea. Good luck as you move forward in your learning over the next year.

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  35. How fortunate you were to have spent time with her and know her. I thank you for writing about her and bringing even a small piece of her into my life. There are too few Mimi's in this world and no one on the horizon who is her measure.Thank you to Mimi and to you.

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  38. I love it! *Mary changed her profile picture* indeed! Thank you, Sherry, for this and thank you for a year’s worth of thought provoking posts. Merry Christmas to you and your family. And blessings to all the dedicated bloggers out there who bring us all together in this big world.

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