A ka shqipetar qe nuk i gezohet ketij lajmi?

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Qeveria ka thënë se propozimet, që postin presidencial do e bëjnë ekzekutiv, për herë të parë në historinë e shtetit moderne, do të sigurojë një administratë më të thjeshtë dhe më efektive, ndonëse kritikët paralajmërojnë se kjo do i jap qeveris fuqi pa kontroll nga institucione të tjera.
Ndryshimet prej 18 nenesh të Kushtetutës janë miratuar me 339 vota pro në parlamentin me 550 ulëse.

Per me shume, shikoni linkun e meposhtem

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  77. Hey Tammy, Ouch on your son. I’m so sorry. Of course, we parents are not *supposed* to understand–in ways, we’re supposed to be the thing our adolescent kids get to rebel *against*, but still, it’s so hard! Sending you’ve-got-a-good-mom vibes your son’s way. And yay on the feedback from the family reader of your ms! Isn’t it exciting when other people not only notice changes, but are impressed by them? Congrats on working hard and getting so much better!

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  144. Dot – my heart goes out to all of you! The loss of my husband last year, also at age 63 to the same cancer, make my heart even heavier for all of you! Tod, Tami and Taryn – be strong for your mom, she will need you all! I love you all! See you on Wednesday! XO “little” Dot

  145. Pate? Is that anything like Par-tay here in the states…you know, as in, let’s party? LOLOL I’m only kidding, of course, but all that talk about the difficulty of pronouncing French words and gender association, well, it’s all tickled me to the point of ‘punchy-ness’ Just smile and say “oui, oui” to everything. And then, if someone responds in a negative or offensive manner, quickly revert to the alternative ‘non, non’! See how easy that is??

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  247. Wow Lindsey, I am so glad it has been so helpful!!! Digital scrapping was a no-brainer for me as well. I received my first finished yearbook recently, and LOVE, L.O.V.E. it!!! I will never go back…and the grandparents are thrilled with them…really liked blurb for printing them, yearbook style. As a photographer myself, it was a great transition. I hope you love the red velvet cupcakes! Thanks for letting me know it was so helpful!!

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  269. It's the touching elements of this story: the smell of the datsun, laughing at her dinner disasters, which work for me and make this a credible tale. All finished off with your usual deftness. I wasn't sure about it in the first paragraph as it didn't seem to be the sort of thing I like. Which just goes to show you should always persevere with a book/story.

  270. My first thought when I saw the family picture was “Dang! Those blues/greens look great on all of them and make the whole picture come together without being too matchy. Does Laura tell her clients how to dress?” Then I saw that you wrote about their clothes Very beautiful pictures – beautiful family!

  271. i thought it was funny, too. i loved the super-dooper wheelchair prop. and how the heck did you keep the cat still all that time? a nail gun? nice 1 dave.to matt, anon 12.10 and anon 12.34 – what is funny, then? enlighten us people with less sophisticated funny bones than yourselves, please.

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  274. it’s time … @frogsoda it’s time to get over film. 10 years ago I would have told you that digital is light years away from being able to replace film. That’s not the case anymore, and I have sold all my film gear and happy I have. You still have to know what you are doing in pre and post production to get a good photo (film or digital). Film had it’s time but has gone the way of the coachwhip.

  275. *wild applause*And as for the historical accuracy of Joseph Warren: Werewolf Slayer Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, while the personal conversations and certain meetings are fictionalized, everything from the time he set up his law practice to the time he got shot is very accurate.

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