Prekëse, vëllai i paralizuar ngrihet të kërcejë në dasmën e motrës!


Një djalë i ri është çuar nga karrigia e invalidit për të kërcyer në dasmën e motrës së tij.
Bëhet fjalë për 23-vjeçarin Nikola Raguz nga Mostari i Bosnjës, i cili në videon e përcjellë në Facebook duket kur çohet nga karrigia dhe, i përlotur, kërcen me motrën e tij të veshur nuse.
Në fund të videos, ai shpërthen në lot bashkë me motrën dhe nënën.

Per me shume, shikoni linkun e meposhtem

3,726 thoughts on “Prekëse, vëllai i paralizuar ngrihet të kërcejë në dasmën e motrës!”

  1. Clark? Christy Clark? Ethics? Courage? … I think she dropped out of U before those topics were covered! Bang on, with most points. How foolish for this government… and any provincial government… to support something without fully understanding the implications. In fact, it makes her position on Enbridge all that more ridiculous! Fadden wasn’t being facetious when talking about politicions under influence of foreign governments. He was indeed letting many know they were being watched. It’s unfortunate they seem to be able to do anything to stop it.

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  6. As a bit of a follow-up to Daniel K. Wilson’s remarks — isn’t it interesting that Marineland is suing one lowly ex-employee – not the deep pockets of the Toronto Star. This is most definitely a SLAPP suit – and the sooner the courts call it for what it is – bullying – the better we will all be. As someone who grew up on the west coast and saw killer whales in the wild, I have come to the realization that places like Marineland should be banned — and their owners put into the same sort of small cages for the rest of their lives.I understand a Mr Holer is the owner of Marineland …. what is his first name? Does it begin with A and end in SS?

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  9. 14, i hope bounty hunters are on the case. 14 Dem lawmakers made an oath, and are wanted in the state of WI. I would love to see the scene when some heavily tattood bounty hunter team shows up, shackles the dems together and drives away in a pick-up truck.

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  296. Had to catch up on your posts! Haven't been here in so…tooooo long!What lovely daughter's you have, Becky.No wonder your cup is overflowing.All three of my girls are married, and now I have the grand kiddos!!!Whole new chapter.God Bless You!xxoo

  297. I’m pretty much there as well. Fortunately, my son is grown so I don’t have to worry about what Disney movie he wants to see. Of course, he showed good taste early on and decided most of the stuff Disney put out — from the early 1990s on — wasn’t worth his time.

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  299. Adriann’s & Andy’s dad here to shout out a big thanks to MommaDog (M-dog) for taking care of Team QAK. Thanks in getting them seperate rooms, so the guys don’t get sick, and thanks for the meals you help provide. As a parent its always a good feeling knowing that your kid (in this case kids) is being taken care of.Hope Quinn is feeling better.Thank You,Mac

  300. What about china's one-child policy? My understanding of it is that it applies to minority groups whose population exceeds a certain number, I believe ten million. This should seriously curtail African population growth in china past a certain point.

  301. Pardon my frankness; I think it’s people like your friend that caused the LTA to act. By not slowing down they increased the risk of accidents. I use that part quite often. Those guys not slowing down gave me a lot of stree. Hence, I must say, I am glad they are chopping down the tree.As for the mass clearing, it’s really sad isn’t it. I mean, we are not talking about months but years of depriving the animals of their habitat and Sporeans the greenery.

  302. Jodi, I agree with you– BSL does not help anything so why do some places keep it around. It is very sad. I’m in favor of responsible owner laws or breed-neutral laws that place responsibility on the owners of the dogs– because there is no such thing as a bad dog but there are bad owners!When breeds are outlawed, only outlaws have them and that is never a good thing. BSL fuels community fear where it is not warranted. I look forward to a day when all dogs are allowed, no matter what they may look like!

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